Avoiding Germs in Food Processing and Manufacturing: Tips and Ideas

4 Reasons to Opt for Injection Moulding Production

When manufacturing a new product, deciding which production method to use is one of the key decisions you’ll make.  Until then, you can’t be sure of material costs, the amount of labour you’ll need or the length of time it will take to produce your items. In fact, nothing is really certain until this choice […]

Which Bottles Should You Use For Your Home Brew?

Home brewing is an increasingly popular hobby, and a remarkably rewarding one: home-made wines, meads, beers and ciders are delicious, inexpensive, easier to get going than you might imagine and make fantastic presents. You can buy all your ingredients online or use things you grow in your own garden, and as the years pass you’ll […]

Painting Your Steel Gate? Opt For Powder Coating

Steel gates are a popular option with homeowners due to their innate strength. However, constant exposure to the elements could significantly decrease their lifespan. As such, you will find some people will opt to paint their steel gates so as to protect them from corrosion as well as enhance their appeal. What most people do […]

Water Jet Cutting In Drain Unblocking Applications

For the most part, water jet cutting is a fabrication technology that is used to create unique CNC metal parts. However, this cutting-edge technology also has other diverse applications outside the lab – in plumbing. You may not know it but water jet cutters are also used in the drain unblocking process. Though the setups […]

4 Main Types of Precision Machining

Precision machining produces many of the large and small instruments that are used in everyday life. Machinists create the building blocks of objects and tools; each intricate component of any object is created by a machinist’s various skills. Depending on the type and size of the project, various materials and precision machining tools are put […]

How to drill Perspex sheets

Perspex is a versatile, durable material that if often used as an alternative to glass, as it’s much less likely to break. You can easily work with Perspex yourself, as it’s a material that is rather simple to handle. You do, however, need to know about what measures you need to take in order to […]

Safety precautions when working with sheet metal

Sheet metal fabrication is something a lot of people do on their own to create objects or ornaments that they might need. It’s precise work that requires concentration and creativity. Many people that are working with sheet metal fabrication in their homes do it small scale and have no need for extensive safety systems. However, […]