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Four Reasons to Adopt Bronze Castings

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Bronze castings have been used for generations in both industry and art. Using traditional methods, liquid bronze is poured into a mould which is broken off the new bronze object once the bronze has had time to cool. While other metals can be used for casting, there are many reasons that bronze has been established for so long as the most favoured material for castings. Here are four reasons that you should consider using bronze for all your casting needs.

Bronze castings are not expensive

You can use a variety of metals to create castings, but few have the same benefits as bronze castings. You could create your castings using silver or gold, but the cost would soon become prohibitive, especially for larger castings. In contrast, bronze castings can be produced much more cheaply. A further benefit of using bronze is that, should there be a problem during the casting or should the completed casting be no longer required, then the bronze can be easily melted down and reused for another casting or any purpose that you desire.

Bronze castings have durability

Unlike some metals which can suffer from corrosion from environmental or chemical factors, bronze is incredibly resistant, even outperforming copper or iron. Well-preserved bronze castings from the ancient world have been discovered in near-mint condition. If you are looking for a material to use for long-lasting castings, then bronze is the obvious choice.

Bronze is simple to work

While you may often want to use something exactly as cast, that won't always be the case. Once bronze castings have cooled down, the malleability of bronze means that you can still work on the casting to further define the shape in any way you need. This same malleability means that should a casting become damaged, it is often a simple matter to repair the casting.

Bronze has aesthetic appeal

Often the most important part of any casting is the mechanical characteristics, but sometimes the appearance of the casting can also be an important factor. Bronze castings have the ability to gleam. When they are cleaned and polished, they can exude a metallic warmth that brings a sense of quality to the finished work.

To discover more of the advantages which bronze castings can offer, talk to you local casting company today. They will show you exactly what is involved in casting metal and how bronze castings could help your business