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Quick Tips for Choosing Goal Posts For Your School or Field

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Buying goals posts for your school or field isn't always as easy as you might think, since there is a wide variety of sizes and features that make up the posts. If you're new to the selection of these posts, you need to ensure that you buy the right size for your needs and also select features that will make them easier to use or better suited for your school or field in particular. Note a few quick tips before you start shopping.

1. Age

What will be the age of the players that will be using the posts? If you're selecting posts for Australian football, you need to consider the size of posts for AFL or Australian Football League players according to their age group. A post that is just 6m in height is very undersized for an adult or teen player that averages 1.8m themselves, but this is tall enough for a primary school student just starting out on the field. For older teens and adults, opt for the standard 9m posts.

Note too that many goal posts are adjustable in height; if your school or field accommodates a wide range of ages for players, you need to ensure that you can change the height from 6m to 9m quickly and easily. When buying adjustable posts, be sure you note how easily they adjust; you should be able to quickly slide out a bolt or clasp and adjust the pole accordingly without having to virtually disassemble the posts just to change the height.

2. Movable

Is the field on which the posts will be located ever used for other sports, or for practice? If so, you may want movable posts. This can allow you to get them off the field for other types of play, and also move them to other areas of the field for kicking drills and the like. Note the base of the posts and how easily the casters lock into position and if the casters are strong enough to allow you to easily move the posts over soft dirt.

3. Material

Steel may be heavier and more durable than aluminum, but it does corrode and may need more maintenance and repair work over the years. Aluminum doesn't rust or corrode, but is lighter, and may show nicks and dings from contact made with the ball. The aluminum posts may also be easier to move if you choose portable posts, so note the overall weight of the posts and then opt for what you can manage when moving them.

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