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Water Jet Cutting In Drain Unblocking Applications

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For the most part, water jet cutting is a fabrication technology that is used to create unique CNC metal parts. However, this cutting-edge technology also has other diverse applications outside the lab – in plumbing. You may not know it but water jet cutters are also used in the drain unblocking process. Though the setups may not be the same, the technology is identical and some of the parts used are too. So if you're looking to put this technology into some use, this could be a unique opportunity.

Drain blocking applications

When it comes to drain unblocking, water jet cutting is mostly used in two circumstances. One it is used when tree roots have penetrated into a drain pipe and caused a blockage. Through high-pressure water jet cutting, the tree roots are cut, the obstruction is eliminated, and normal flow is restored within the drain pipe.

The second circumstance is when there is(are) a solid object(s) that's causing the blockage in the drain, e.g. toilet paper pulp, discarded toys, dried fats, and other objects. Through water jetting, such solid obstacles are cut into smaller pieces while within the pipe such that they can now move along with the flow as opposed to causing a static blockage.

How It Works

Water jet cutting in plumbing applications is not complicated. Unlike in fabrication circles where the cutter has to be pre-programmed, here no such arrangements are required. First, the blocked drain is inspected via a drain camera. Once the blockage is located, the water jet cutter is introduced into the drain via a hose. It is then remotely operated to cut the identified blockage.

Benefits of using water jet cutting in drain unblocking

  1. There's no need to dig up the drain pipes. This trenchless method is therefore faster, less disruptive, and cheaper to the customer.
  2. Thanks to the sharp nozzle of the jet cutter, this technique is highly accurate. Obstacles and tree roots can be cut into smaller sizes exactly as wanted.
  3. Water jet cutting is also safe as it does not damage the drain pipes. This is easily controlled by adjusting the water pressure of the nozzle in relation to the material being cut.
  4. Because it uses water, this technique also has the advantage of cleaning the pipes at the same time it's cutting.

As mentioned earlier, water jetting equipment used for this application is not as complicated as that used for fabrication. It's thus easier and cheaper to use if you are thinking of exploring possible business opportunities.