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Painting Your Steel Gate? Opt For Powder Coating

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Steel gates are a popular option with homeowners due to their innate strength. However, constant exposure to the elements could significantly decrease their lifespan. As such, you will find some people will opt to paint their steel gates so as to protect them from corrosion as well as enhance their appeal. What most people do not realise is that painting is not the most effective alternative that you could consider. If you are thinking of painting your steel gate, you should consider powder coating. This is a dry powder that is applied onto the surface of your steel gate electrostatically. Once the application is done, the powder coating is then cured using heat to strengthen its bond onto the surface of the gate. The following are some of the reasons why powder coating would be an ideal finish for your steel gate.

Powder coating is a more durable finish when compared to painting

One of the biggest benefits of powder coating is its enhanced durability when compared to conventional painting. Firstly, there are a range epoxies used in powder coating to ensure that your steel gate is sufficiently protected from developing rust. Whereas paint can chip and peel over time thus exposing your steel gate to moisture and gradual corrosion, powder coating does not come off.

Moreover, powder coating is fade resistant. Therefore, you can rest assured that your steel gate will retain its vibrant colour, despite constant exposure to the elements. Lastly, powder coating offers you a myriad of finishing options such as matte finishes, high gloss finishes and even textured finishes. This gives you the creative flexibility to make your gate as attractive and as unique as you would want it to be

Powder coating is an ecofriendly finish when compared to painting

One thing most people do not realize about traditional paint is that it is detrimental to the environment. For paint to stay liquid, there are numerous solvents that are incorporated into it. These solvents contain pollutants that are referred to as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). When the paint is applied onto surfaces, the VOCs are released into the atmosphere, contributing to environmental pollution.

Since powder coating uses a dry medium, there is a negligible amount of volatile organic compounds contained in it. This makes it a more ecofriendly option. Lastly, since powder coating materials contain no solvents, they also will not release toxic fumes. This means there will be no odour during the application process, making it less hazardous to humans.