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5 Benefits of Hiring a Diesel Generator For Your Processing Plant

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If you need to hire a generator for use at your processing plant, you may not have considered the benefits of hiring a diesel generator. Diesel generators offer many benefits. Below is a guide to five of them.

Diesel generators are easy to maintain

A diesel generator is easy to maintain. Because a diesel-powered generator is not fitted with spark plugs, it is more likely to start when required. Spark plugs can become corroded and damaged, leading to problems when operating petrol generators.

Diesel generators are highly compatible with other pieces of kit

Many other pieces of equipment and kit which are found in a processing plant, such as compressors, also rely on diesel for power. By hiring a diesel generator, you can simplify your stores by keeping large drums of diesel at the ready, which will keep various machines and equipment operational. By bulk-buying your diesel supplies, you can save money and time.

Diesel generators are fuel-efficient

Compared to generators fuelled by petrol, diesel generators are much more efficient. The improved fuel economy comes about due to the different ways in which petrol and diesel combust in the engine. If your processing plant requires a generator which will be in operation for extended periods of time, you will want to choose the most fuel-efficient generator than you can to reduce costs.

Diesel generators are safe

Petrol is a highly flammable substance. Even just the fumes which are generated by a quantity of petrol can be enough to trigger an explosion or serious fire. Processing plants have enough fire hazards in them as it is without throwing a petrol-filled generator into the mix. Diesel doesn't burn anywhere nearly as easily as petrol. This means that it is much safer for use in an environment where it may be exposed to heat and vibrations.

Diesel generators are highly durable

Because diesel generators are used in heavy industry, manufacturing and construction work, they are built to last. If you need to transport your diesel generator or to place it in positions where it will be exposed to vibrations and heat, you can be confident that it will remain operational due to its sturdy design.

If you would like to find out further details about the many benefits of hiring a diesel generator for your processing plant, you should make contact with your local generator hire company. The staff will be happy to discuss your needs before offering their help and advice.